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Boruca Masks

Original, Rare & Exotic Boruca Masks Available.

Seldom has the world of masks seen anything like these stunning cultural pieces. These vibrant masks manifest an artistic’s adventure into the cultural soul of the Brunka (today better known as The Boruka) people.

The Hotel Costa Coral is proud to act as a connection to one of Costa Rica’s famous indigenous villages ‘Boruca’. The main village of the Boruca tribe is located approximately five and a half hours south west of San Joé on the Pacific Coast, and two hours South of San Isidro del General in the beautiful (Stunning|) Terraba River valley. To visit the village of Boruca, their culture, the people and their customs is a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

The Boruca tribe is rich in many cultural aspects of daily life and seasonal ceremonies. They have expressed a genuine desire to invite visitors to come and experience their way of life, and to show them the variety of traditions which are still an integral part of their culture.

This tribe is small, numbering less than 3,000 people. The village of Boruca has 430 people. Nonetheless, it is culturally very rich. Their native language, although not used, is Brunka – Spanish is mainly spoken. Many of the old ways are still practiced, and visitors have the opportunity to witness Boruca customs such as mask making and weaving – you can visit artisans working in their homes and/or workshops.

We visit the Borucan village frequently to bring many of their original famous masks back to Tambor and offer them to our hotel guests. a substantial part of the money raised from the sales of these masks are given back to the Boruca to help with their economic situations – and our guests have a piece of unique history through original, Costa Rican art. For more information please talk with Mrs. Judy Quinn at our Hotel. She will be happy to share her Boruca experiences with you.

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