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ICT Rating

The Hotel Costa Coral is proudly servicing guests with 3 star accommodations.ICT rating

The tourism board of Costa Rica (ICT) has rated our hotel as a 3 star which we proudly maintain through our quality and service. Our 4th star requires an elevator (and a few other details) but our food and service is 5 star all the way. Come see for yourself.

For more information about our rating please click on the link below.

Interesting Fact:
Just to pay for our liquor license requires the sale of 2400 drinks.

To be rated by the tourism board all hotels must maintain a legal liquor license. Over half of all the small hotels in Costa Rica operate without a liquor license costing reputable hotels big money from loss of customers – not to mention the health aspects as no one is monitoring these hotels.

There are more than 200 small hotels located in the southern Nicoya Peninsula and only 100 are legal to serve alcohol. As the Costa Rican tourism board is continually sponsoring programs for local communities, operating a a hotel illegally literally takes sponsorship money away from needed programs.

Please make sure the hotel you’re staying in is rated by ICT and displaying their license to serve alcoholic beverages.

Hotel Administrator